Nice to meet you!

I'm Kristin. New mom, type A control freak, most disorganized-organized person you'll ever meet, Friends obsessed, dog crazed, travel loving foodie, just trying to survive and navigate new motherhood during a worldwide pandemic. Nice to meet you!

Can we talk about how crazy this pandemic has made the world? Literally everything we thought we knew...and how we knew it, will never be the same again. I miss spontaneous day trips to do fun things. I miss date nights with my husband. I miss champagne brunch (in my case wine) on Sundays. Oh wait...I'm ALSO a new mom and not doing any of these things because of this tiny human I am now responsible for keeping alive day to day, in addition to this crazy thing called COVID 19.

COVID affected EVERYONE in different ways. This is just my small story.

I was furloughed from my job as an ultrasound tech on March 23 2020 while 7 months pregnant. There were so many unknowns regarding pregnancy and this virus at the start of it all that I was honestly happy to be quarantined at home for those months leading up to my little girls arrival. I had SO much time to get ready, or did I? Little did I know, my daughter would be arriving in LESS than SIX weeks from that day. I was induced at 37weeks for a condition called cholestasis. After a long 4 day induction, she was here. May 2nd 2020 at 8:23am...and life as we knew it would never be the same.

We couldn't have visitors in the hospital which gave us the opportunity to enjoy being a family of three quietly for the first time. Cassidy Jean is (still) the sweetest girl. She was a fairly easy newborn, eat/sleep/poop/repeat, as easy as a newborn can be I suppose. We left the hospital Monday May 4th, ironically one year to the day that my grandma passed away in the exact same hospital. I never thought walking out of the hospital on May 4 2019 with tears in my eyes that in exactly one year, I would be leaving the exact same place with a smile on my face. I think my grandma had a hand in that but that's another conversation.

We are now one year since the start of the COVID 19 pandemic and I pray things will start to return to some sort of new normal. In the meantime, I do hope to meet you for any of your photography needs !